Youth Scouting

14th Lowestoft Fun

25 June 2018

At the 14th Lowestoft, we have a handful of leaders who give up their Wednesday nights to let us have fun. They’re Akela, Rama, Baloo, Chil, Bagheera, Shere-Khan and William. The other week we went on a hike, the leaders paid for us to go on a train (with the coolest toilet) so we didn’t have to walk all the way. We stopped at two playgrounds and also we missed a turn! We stopped for 11’s twice, one was at 14:30 (around that time). I was lucky enough to be a flag bearer at the 2018 St George’s Day Parade with my friends George and Lawrence. Last week we had to go to Normanston Park for our Athletics Badge. We had to do loads of stuff there was a tokens game when each group had to run in a fabric suit to their leader to get a token and try not to get wet. We also had a game of rounder’s, I hit a beauty and Rama was telling me to run but one time he told me to run I said “NO, I’ve been caught out”. The camp this year was probably the best one I’ve ever been to as I was a tent leader and I got to bring down the flag on Saturday evening. In my tent I had Charlie, Eddie, Gabriel and Finley. This was Akela’s last camp as Akela. He’s been Akela for 25 years and a Leader for 30. My first big activity with the Cubs was the 100 years Gangshow. In the future weeks we have a Splash Night and Beach Party

Hayden Garrod

14th Lowestoft Cubs Pack