1st Carlton Are Off To America!!

9 February 2015

In July, myself and 3 of my Assistant Scout Leaders are taking a group of Scouts/Young leaders/Lowestoft Explorers to the biggest ‘fly in’ in the world, which is held in a placed called Oshkosh, located in Wisconsin in the USA. We’ll be camping on site helping to organise and run the week-long event, everything from manning gates to parking all sorts of planes from light aircraft to retired war planes. (Can find info online at if interested). For an Air Scout, this is pretty much the ‘Holy Grail’ of trips! After the fly-in, we are then going camping ‘in the wilderness’ for a second week.

The cost for this event is huge, so we currently have a team of Scouts fundraising to try and go. So if you see them bag packing anywhere out and about around the town, please help them out!

In addition to this, of of our Assistant Scout Leaders, Sue, is skydiving to raise money for the equipment we need for this trip and towards new ceilings for our HQ. So any sponsors would be much appreciated.


Matt Harper
Scout Leader – 1st Carlton Colville Air Scouts