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Bank staff does a good turn for Scouts

20 November 2017

Scouts can often be seen doing good deeds for others but the employees of a local bank have recently turned the tables to help them instead.

Seven workers from the Lowestoft branch of the Santander Bank rolled up their sleeves recently and got stuck in to help the 2nd Carlton Colville Scout Group with clearing an area adjacent to their headquarters building in Rectory Road.

Assistant Scout Leader Stephen Hart said, “I work for Santander Bank as well as being an assistant leader with the group.

Santander runs what they call ‘Discovery Days’ where employees go out into the community and take on projects to support local charities or community groups that need some help.

We were struggling to get some vital work done – so being offered the opportunity for seven bank staff to give up a day and do some work to help the group was wonderful.

It is timely as the Lowestoft branch is currently being refurbished and is closed at the moment with staff temporarily working from the Norwich and Gt.Yarmouth branches.”

Group Scout Leader David Greenacre added, “the number of youngsters using the HQ has now risen to almost 100 and we have limited space to keep for all the equipment that they use. The store that we were using was getting very damp and we really wanted to knock it down and build a two storey replacement – but planning permission to extend was turned down. So we have resorted to making running repairs to try and dry it out as best as possible – which has been quite successful.

By cutting a French drain around the store and fitting two airbricks most of the issues have been resolved – but we needed to remove a large area of soil alongside the building and the Santander working party have helped with this.”

Mr Hart added, “We were also fortunate that PW Waters also donated a skip to take away grass, weeds and surplus soil so we haven’t had to pay for that, which is great.

We are now thinking of growing some fruit and vegetables in the newly cleared area so that the scouts, cubs and beavers can work towards a smallholder’s badge.”