Fundraising begins for Scout’s expedition to South Africa

2 May 2016


In July 2017 Scouts from Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Wiltshire and Newcastle under Lyme will be travelling to South Africa for a 25-day adventure and amongst the group will be eight young people from Lowestoft and Waveney Valley. 

Over 100 Scouts and leaders will embark on the expedition aimed at helping to improve the quality of life of the young people and Scouts that they meet in the country.

Lowestoft Scout Network members; Daniel Jackson and Bethany Farnell will be joined on the trip by Lowestoft Explorer Scouts; Joshua Parsons, Morgan McCurdy-Kenny and Mihai ilie, Ethan Harvey, Jacob ismay, and Lewis Morfitt from Waveney Explorer Scouts.

Funding such an expedition is a challenge in itself. Each Scout has to fundraise, not only for the cost of the expedition but also for the essential materials required to undertake the projects. Over the course of the next year, they have to raise £1950 each to fund their place on the expedition.

Daniel, an assistant scout leader at 1st Pakefield group and Bethany, also an assistant scout leadersat 2nd Carlton Colville are no strangers to adventures abroad as both completed the Explorer Belt Expedition to Finland last year and will be acting as mentors for the other members – preparing them for the challenges presented by the expedition. 

The youngsters have already started fundraising for the trip by working at supermarkets checkouts doing bag packing and plan a number of other events, the first of which was a fete at 1st Oulton Broad Scout HQ, which took place recently and raised a worthwhile £269.

During the three and a half week adventure in South Africa the Scouts plan to tackle charity work with schoolchildren, orphans and the elderly. The projects will include challenges such as improving a community dwelling for the elderly; making improvements to play equipment for local children; sustainable gardening and entertaining orphans and participating in education classes and working with South African scouts.

Daniel said ” In the build up to the trip we will be going on quite a few training events, learning to do gardening work and how to lay bricks, as well as navigation and first aid skills.

The South Africa expedition will mostly be based around Johannesburg and will take us to Limpopo, Soweto and Newcastle KZN. As the local people are mostly English speaking there shouldn’t be a language barrier. We have been told to expect some quite primitive conditions where a water tap is shared between families. We expect it to be quite emotionally draining whilst doing the charity work and have been warned that we will witness poverty. We plan to taking notebooks, colouring pencils and clothes to give away.”

Bethany added, “Our accommodation will be partly camping with local scouts

and partly in chalets. Scouting is quite big in SA and it is also part of their school life, being in the national curriculum. It will be Winter in SA when we are there with daytime temperatures ranging from15 – 20 degrees and at night-time it drops below zero – so we will need to take good ‘four seasons’ sleeping bags to cope with the conditions.

Charity work will occupy us for the first two weeks, then the latter stages of the trip will be activity based. We will be sightseeing and taking in the local culture including a battlefield tour, staying in a game reserve for a couple of nights and getting up early one morning especially to see a sunrise.”

District Commissioner Mel Buck said “this expedition will provide the participating Explorer and Network Scouts with the opportunity to learn first-hand how those in less affluent parts of the world live and manage in extreme poverty – and then to help them in practical ways.”

Anyone who wants to help in any way are invited to e-mail