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How To Join The Movement

There is 4 main steps to joining Scouting:


1. Find out which section you/your child would be eligible to join.

Beavers is for boys and girls aged between 6-8

Cubs is for boys and girls aged between 8-10½

Scouts is for boys and girls aged between 10½-14½

Explorers is for boys and girls between 14-18


2. Find what group is right for you

On the ‘Our Groups’ page, you will see all of the 8 groups we have in the district. There is 3 main different types of Scout group:

– Land Scouts

– Air Scouts

– Sea Scouts

All groups do similar Scouting activities like camping, hiking, fire lighting, and all of the different things you would expect.

The difference is that:

Air Scouts include things such as camping on air fields and RAF air bases, flying in powered aircraft, gliders and helicopters, and even having a go at flying yourself! In addition to doing the ‘Aviation’ badges available.

Sea Scouts is similar, and they often stay on Navy ships, do a lot of water activities like canoeing, and do the ‘Nautical’ badges available.

We are lucky enough to have an Air Scout and Sea Scout group in the district- the Air Scout group is the only RAF Recognised one in Suffolk and our Sea Scout Group is RN Recognised too.

You also need to consider:

– Location of the group

– Meeting times and days


3. Once you have picked your group, you need to contact them using the details on the ‘Our Groups’ page.

The section leader will then contact you to arrange a trial period, which means you would go along to the colony/pack/troop nights and other and activities ran to see if you enjoy it


4. Once you have a trial period, and you decide you like it…

You will then be enrolled into the section and be a full member of the Scout Association