Scouts Clean Up At Bonds Meadow

6 September 2014

A group of scouts, leaders and helpers from 14th Lowestoft group did a good turn for a local woodland group as part of scout community week recently when they cleared an area of meadowland.

 The group had offered to help to improve the land at Bonds Meadow when they learnt that a quantity of rubbish had been discarded at the site and another part had become overgrown. 

Scout leader Peter Aldous said ”our group has permission to use the site for ‘wide games’ and when we heard that the site needed extra help to remove some waste and clear some undergrowth we were only too pleased to offer to help and give something back.’

One of the areas cleared by the scouts was sown with wildflower and poppy seeds. Bee and insect houses were also attached to some of the trees. Bonds Meadow Association would plant the other area as a community orchard in late summer.

Mr. Aldous thanked the Big Lottery Fund at Kew Gardens for funding the wildflower seeds

Photo shows the scouts taking a break from cleaning up part of Bonds Meadow

14th Lowestoft Bonds Med