Cubs & Scouts make a splash at the District Swimming Gala

2 June 2019

Cubs and Scouts from across the district have taken part in back to back swimming galas and showed just how competitive they can be in the water.

The Cub’s were first to take to the pool at Waterlane Leisure Centre and were cheered on from the poolside by parents and friends.

The 36 boys and girls formed into six teams for the breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle races over both 25 metre and 50 metre distances – with the final event being a four by 25 metre relay race. When the individual race results were totalled, the overall victors were 1st Blundeston Cubs.

The Scout gala followed with four group competing. The five events, consisting of 25m freestyle, 50m breaststroke, 50m freestyle, 75m freestyle and 4 x 25m relay, were all eagerly contested – with the overall winning team coming from the14th Lowestoft group.

The full results were:-

25m freestyle – Henry Cole 1st Blundeston

50m breaststroke – Oscar Coe 14th Lowestoft

50m freestyle – Cain Spalding 14th Lowestoft

75m freestyle – Ben Blowers 1st Carlton Colville

4 x 25m relay – 1st Carlton Colville

Overall –

First: 14th Lowestoft

Second:1st Blundeston

Third: 1st Carlton Colville