Cub scouts inaugural hockey tournament hailed a success

4 June 2019

Ten teams of youngsters took part in a fun hockey tournament for the first time recently and really took to the sport.

More than 60 cubs competed in the Lowestoft District Cubs Hockey Tournament, which was played on the East Point Academy Astro pitches. 10 teams representing six packs, spent four hours playing a total of 22 exciting games of hockey in the tournament hosted by the Lowestoft Railway Hockey Club (LRHC).

Wearing different coloured tee-shirts provided by LRHC the cubs formed six-a-side teams with no goalkeepers and played a round-robin competition in two pools. The winning team in each pool then competed for the gold and silver medals, with the runners-up playing for bronze.

14th Lowestoft Green took the trophy in a well-contested final against 1st Oulton Broad Blue, whilst 1st Oulton Broad White took bronze with victory over 1st Carlton Colville Orange.

Gary Bloodworth speaking on behalf of LRHC said “The cubs, who all played their best and enjoyed the day, received medals and certificates to recognize their enthusiastic efforts.

Both the cubs’ Assistant District Commissioner’s team and the LRHC team, who jointly organized the event, were more than pleased with its success and hope to make this tournament an annual event.” For information about Lowestoft Railway Hockey Club and how to get involved in hockey, visit